does bigfoot really exist

Urban legends have been, since forever, a debate in public opinion. People from all over the world are really into researching these phenomena. Their argument is that if a lot of people claim to have seen these weird creatures, then it may be true because, why would they be lying? One of the most frequent questions when it comes to this subject is: does bigfoot really exist?

Even though we can’t answer that question, there is research which backups that there is actually a possibility. Same thing happens with the loch ness monster. In fact, tourists from different nationalities travel a long way just to go to loch ness and feel the environment in which is believed to live the ness monster (or Nessy, like the fans, call him).  

On another note, there are people who are UFO fans. These people tend to travel and camp in places where aliens are supposed to appear. If you just take a look at the huge number of people which have amazing stories about contacting aliens, you may start to doubt your skepticism a bit. And, who wouldn’t? Some of these stories seem really true as they tend to repeat through different people from different parts of the world. What do you think? 

Walmart Black Friday Map

Black Friday is the ultimate shopping event for Americans. People wait for this day the whole year and, some of them, don’t even shop until this day. If you live under a rock and have no idea what Black Friday is, we’ll just say it’s the biggest sale event in the world. During this day any person will be able to find anything they want for about half its price. Thus, people go crazy. Some of them even camp outside their favorite stores. It’s real madness and, companies, who are well aware of this, tend to launch their products to the market near that day.

This may be the reason why Walmart has started an amazing idea: The Walmart black friday map . This hand-drawn map shows shoppers where to find the best deals within the retail store on this particular day. The reason of this map is for customers to not lose time and prepare themselves to not lose time. This map will allow its users to plan in advance what they will be buying and organize a route which will let them shop efficiently.

WalMart’s main idea is to organize Black Friday. Even though organization in such a massive event is almost impossible, it will help a bit.